Deep features-based structured group local sparse tracker (DF-SGLST) to track visual targets in OTB100 dataset

An optimized feature-based image resgistration algorithm for natural cross-spectral RGB and NIR images.

Recognizing children’s emotion by training a VGG-like network with the FER+ dataset.

An Eigenvalue Steganography approach based on quantized DCT coefficients to hide information in a JPEG image.


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L-Softmax in Pytorch

The Pytorch implementation of the Large Margin Softmax (L-Softmax).

MNIST Classification with VGG-13 in Tensorflow

MNIST Classification with VGG13 in TensorFlow using TF > 1.4 new APIs.


Deliberately adding noise to labels during training will prevent over-fitting

Implement VGG13 in TensorFlow


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